Kiddiwash comes to South Africa!

A fun day was had by all when Tealwash launched the Kiddiwash hand wash units at the Lorraine Primary School in Rawsonville and at the Brandwacht Primary School in Brandwacht, Worcester. As part of the Fairhills Initiative, the Fairhills Association donated 12 Teal Kiddisynks towards the end of 2013, one for each classroom. The Kiddisynks were enthusiastically received by both pupils and teachers. These lightweight units are extremely portable and robust. They can be positioned anywhere, do not require any indoor plumbing and are completely self-contained.


Feedback from Mr Gallie, the principal of Brandwacht Primary School, was very positive. According to Mr Gallie the Kiddisynks are a great hit with the learners. He described it as a “fantastic” initiative, allowing the children to stay in their classrooms to wash their hands, as opposed to running out to use the outside facilities. They love using the brightly coloured Kiddisynk with its clean water and it was encouraging learners to wash their hands during the day, before mealtimes and after using the toilet. There is also minimal disruption of classroom time.


The hand wash facilities at the Lorraine Primary School consisted of a bucket which was filled with water from a tap located a distance from the classrooms. Having a Kiddisynk in each classroom has made it possible for more effective hand wash habits to be established.


Included with each Kiddisynk was a soap dispenser, a paper towel holder, “I wash my hands” stickers and multilingual hand wash educational posters. These accessories form part of the hand hygiene education package specifically designed by the Teal team, which comes with each Kiddiwash and Kiddisynk. Hand wash certificates and other resources can be downloaded from the Kidszone section of the Tealwash website.


It is Tealwash’s mission to help as many children as possible to establish good hand wash hygiene habits for life, and avoid the preventable diseases so prevalent in our country.

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