The TB/HIV Care Association, a registered NPO, has chosen to include the TEALwash Hot Water Hand Wash units in their new Mobile Clinics. The TEALwash units provide hot running water for both patients and personnel, which is essential in maintaining high standards of hygiene and preventing the spread of infection. The aim of the TB/HIV… Read More

Mobile Sinks and Portable Basins for Hand Washing

MOBILE HAND WASHING STATIONS WITH VISIBLE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS In order to help NHS staff comply with hand hygiene guidelines, it is essential that hand washing facilities are available at the point of need. Patients and visitors can also enjoy the benefits provided by the Stop ‘n Wash mobile hand wash station. The synchronised display takes you through the… Read More

How Specialised Messages Increase the Take-up of Male Hand Washing

WHY EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN HEALTH CAMPAIGNS IS VITAL Hand washing compliance can be increased from 77% to 86% of males adopting effective hand washing measures. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that on average 77% of men wash their hands when leaving the lavatory. Recent analysis published in Human Communication Research has… Read More