TEALwash mobile and portable sinks and basins make hand washing possible when no plumbing is available.

Our unique products provide hassle free, cost effective and efficient solutions for your health and safety needs. Whether a temporary or long term solution, our versatile product range allows you to access adequate hand hygiene wherever you are.

Our product range includes mains powered, free standing, vehicle mounted and wall mounted hand wash stations.

Tealwash hand washing systems are used in the following settings, amongst others:

  • Reception areas and offices
  • Public spaces such as banks, malls and gyms
  • The healthcare sector including doctors’ rooms and clinics
  • Schools and creches
  • Food vendors and catering services
  • Various events and exhibitions
  • On location for film and production
  • Mines, construction sites and factories
  • Within ambulances and mobile clinics
  • Within various vans and trucks

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