The Variant is a complete set of components which allows you to create a TEALwash hot water hand wash unit within an existing counter or cupboard. Ideal for more permanent fixtures where no plumbing or drainage is available, it can be fitted to any counter or work surface.

The Variant comes as a ready to install kit for ‘built in’ applications.  The kit includes all the features of the Super Stallette but with a stainless steel bowl, and no moulded body.


  • 10 litre capacity provides up to 50 hand washes per filling
  • No need to fit a separate water heater
  • No fixed plumbing or drainage
  • Nothing to adjust, provides hot water that is always 40/45°C
  • Blue Sensor for hands free, fully automatic operation
  • 10 amp 220v/240v Power box complete with instantaneous heater and pump
  • Power lead with 10 amp plug
  • TEALtainer to hold fresh water and retain dirty water in separate secure compartments
  • Swan neck spray head and all related fittings.
  • Stainless steel bowl



Can I install it myself? How long does it take?

Yes, the Variant comes with simple instructions.  Everything simply clips together or gets screwed to the wall. Installation usually takes 15-20 minutes.

How much space do I need underneath the sink?

You only need enough room so that the TEALtainer (45cm height x 22cm length x 21cm width) can stand upright and be manoeuvred in and out, and the small power box can be fitted. An average sized, below-the-counter kitchen type cupboard should suffice.