The award winning Hygienius is designed for effortless hand washing. Simply wheel it to the point of need, fill up the TEALtainer, plug it in and you’re away. When your hands are detected in the bowl, the Blue Sensor will flash for 2-3 seconds and then deliver a satisfying ten second wash at 40-45°C.


  • Blue Sensor for hands free, fully automatic operation
  • No plumbing – Entirely self-contained
  • Illuminated display: ‘Hot Water Hand Wash’
  • 10 litre capacity provides up to 50 hand washes per filling
  • 2 Metre power lead with moulded 10amp plug
  • Light weight
  • Highly portable – on wheels, allowing for strategic placement wherever needed
  • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Made of tough, lightweight polyethylene
  • CE compliant

It has been utilised in:

Festivals • Markets • Conferences • Mobile Food Vendors • Restaurants • Pubs/Bars
Mines • Building Sites • Military Hospitals • Hospitals • GP practices • First aid tents

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What is the ‘Blue Sensor’?

The unique ‘Bluesensor’ on the Hygienius has been developed by TEAL engineers to allow complete hands free operation. Placing your hands in the bowl triggers the Bluesensor to flash indicating that water is being heated. Once it reaches temperature the flashing will cease and the spray head will deliver the 10 second wash.