Parents should “think twice” before sending children to indoor play facilities in shopping areas and other locations – particularly those that do not appear to take the issue of hand hygiene seriously, according to a recent report on The Health Site. There are considerable benefits of letting children loose in themed indoor play areas, says the article, written… Read More

A new report by the European Food Safety Authority has found that foodborne illnesses are on the rise in the EU with E.coli up by 5.9 per cent and listeria 8.6 per cent. As we approach the food inspector’s season, food operators must ensure hygiene levels are at exemplary levels. Manty Stanley, managing director at… Read More

The TB/HIV Care Association, a registered NPO, has chosen to include the TEALwash Hot Water Hand Wash units in their new Mobile Clinics. The TEALwash units provide hot running water for both patients and personnel, which is essential in maintaining high standards of hygiene and preventing the spread of infection. The aim of the TB/HIV… Read More