Healthcare on the move

Nationally, emergency medical services and forensic pathology services across South Africa have been the forerunners in recognizing the benefits of the Tealwash units, and have installed them in many of their emergency medical and forensic vehicles.

Recently, Tealwash vehicle units were installed into a number of the City of Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management vehicles. They were impressed with the versatility and robustness of the units in the extreme conditions under which they operate.  Encouraging feedback was received regarding the hygiene benefits resulting from the installations.

Peter Daniels, Manager of the Logistics Planning and Fleet Management Disaster Risk Management Centre in Cape Town, stated:

“The Tealwash on the disaster management vehicles came in very handy over the flood period, where we needed to wash our hands in the field before and after eating a meal, and proved very handy when we needed to wash our faces. Overall, the best piece of equipment in the field for disaster management purposes.”

Tealwash hand washing units have also been installed in a number of ambulances in the private sector. Industries like Eskom and the mining sector are recognizing the benefits of portable hand wash facilities for their employees, and are equipping their vehicles with a variety of Tealwash products, both mobile and fixed.

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